Under our light,
everyone's a winner.


We know there's more to life than being ridiculously good-looking. But we also know that life's better when you look good.


Okay, so it might not be the number one priority in our lives, but if we had the choice of looking good and not looking good, we know which one we'd go for.

Our lights use science to make looking good part and parcel of the Loomi product offering. Not fake anti-wrinkle cream science, but the science of light and colour. 

Each Loomi LED light comes with something we've called Tru-Colour technology, which is basically a fancy way of saying our lights make you look like the “true” you.


They do this by producing white light that illuminates more colours than standard LED lights. Where regular LEDs illuminate only eight colours, Loomi lights illuminate fourteen key colours.

These extra six colours are super-important when making spaces and the people in them look their very best—no washed-out colours, dull complexions or unexpected tints.


We've included three added extras too.


Eye-popping brightness

You'd better have your sunnies at the ready! Loomi lights generate eye-popping brightness at the flick of a switch, meaning there's never a dull moment. 


Dolphin-saving efficiency

Loomi lights are great at turning electricity into light, which means cheaper power bills, a happier planet and less dead dolphins. Everyone's a winner!


Tortoise-worthy endurance

Loomi lights are the tortoises of the LED world—they basically live forever. Well, not quite forever, but at least 25,000 hours.


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