Who said you can't teach an old light new tricks?


Classic light bulb designs with a kick of LED awesomeness! 


At Loomi, we use specially engineered LEDs that generate bright light with a warm glow as soon as you flick the switch. This means you can make the change to an energy-saving alternative without losing the warm glow and classic design that you loved about your old bulbs!


More than just a pretty bulb, you also get:


Easy as installation

All of the filaments come in standard base sizes, making swapping out old energy-guzzling lamps as easy as changing a light bulb (literally). 


Tru-Colour technology 

Designed to complement all of the colours in the rainbow, the Loomi filaments illuminate more colours on the visible spectrum to keep you and your interiors looking good! Need convincing? 


Tortoise-worthy endurance

Loomi lights are the tortoises of the LED world—they basically live forever. Well, not quite forever, but these bulbs will last for up to 25,000 hours.


See how good you really look at a store near you!