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On-call grans, at your service.


Talking to us is like talking to your gran. 
We’re kind, friendly, and always happy to dish out advice when needed.

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Love poems, pictures of your pets, anything—we love receiving emails! Just fill out the form below, hit submit and let the internet work its magic.

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Prefer to speak to a real, live Loomi representative? You can call us on 1300 672 499 weekdays between 9am and 5pm.

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Send us some flowers! A pizza! A horse's head in a box! We'll pick it up from:

PO BOX 2430,
333 Lennox St,
Richmond South
3121, Victoria, AUS


Interested in joining the Loominati?

We don't know who you are (yet). We don't know what you want (okay, we do—you want to join our ranks). But what you will have is a very particular set of lighting sales skills; skills that make you the ideal Loomi stockist or sales representative.

Think you've got what it takes? Get in touch via: hello@loomi.co

See how good you really look at a store near you!